Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 31...Cabugao Philippines

Soooo this week.

I can't remember everything because I usually write it down in my planner what I wrote in my journal so I can remember it all for emails, but I forgot this week. :(

The work was better. I think my companion was just a little crazy last week because of our over demanding zone leader. We didn't have any investigators come to church this week, again. I think it's because it's been raining hard and the people don't want to drive on their motorcycles through the rain.  So bummer there, but we had two less active families that we have been visiting come to church! One of the families that came made me really happy because a couple nights before we taught them lesson one and I really felt the Spirit.  I was also just really in a good mood that night and I made them laugh a ton but we also taught one of the best lessons I've taught so far on the mission.  The Spirit was there and it was so simple. It's so important to love the people you teach and also to let them know that you love them. Not just by telling them you love them, but showing them and being their friends.

We have on investigator who should be getting baptized. He is a 14 year old chubbie boy and he is hilarious, I love him. He has already been interviewed to be baptized but he didn't show up to his very own baptismal service.  Haha what the heck. Everyone showed up but him. He told us that he had to work in the bukid (rice farm) but we have sources that told us he was just chillin at the house. SO that's frustrating.  And he hasn't been to church the past 2 weeks.  So gonna get to the bottom of it. His older brother is already baptized and he has been an investigator for like 3 years already.

So on Thursday we went to Appari and watched the world wide mission conference. The talks were so good, and I learned so much.  I realized many things that I needed to rethink and reapply to the work here in Lasam.

Oh yah a couple days ago, I was reading the BOM while swinging on the hammock and to my dismay, something broke and I fell and landed on my back. All the Elders laughed really hard and I laughed really hard to just laying on the floor but it actually hurt and I bruised my back haha. But it's nothing major, just for the sake of telling a story really.  Man I really like that hammock :(

So we still have to wait like 5 days to move in to the new place. :(  Bummer. I hate that stupid apartment. 

It's okay though. Were still alive and stuff.

I spoke yesterday in sacrament meeting.  I talked about the BOM.  What it is, Why it's important, How we can know if it's true, and stuff.
The BOM is true.

That's all I can remember this week. I love you all.
 Read the BOM. D&C 84:54-57. That's why.

-Elder Andersen
This is when our apartment flooded a solid 3 and a half inches

 Riding on top of the jeepnee!!!! Philippines bucket list. So fun. I rid on top of a trycee this morning too. Cagayan is crazy!

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