Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 35...Lasam Philippines

So now I am leading Lasam, Its been nuts cause I have to coordinate both me and my companions work as well as the other 2 new missionaries, but as the week has gone on it has gotten easier because the other 2 missionaries in the other area are starting to figure it out on their own.  So now I just have to focus on my area. The weird thing is that I actually got transferred too. From Lasam B to Lasam A.  So I have a new area again, so I actually am starting all over with an open area again.  It's just the other half of Lasam that is farther away, but it has more members in it and more fellow-shippers, more progressing investigators, but less total investigators so we have lots of people to find.  My new Companion is awesome. He has only been out for 5 months so I am the senior companion. He is really nice and humble and just chill.  He has had all American companions so far.  We had a baptism two days ago, and we have another one in two weeks or so, so he is excited. This is his 2nd area, and he is coming from Laoag which is pure city, the complete opposite of Lasam so he is a little shocked haha.  Oh and his name is Elder Roberto.

The other 2 elders are Elder Erguiza, the new district leader, and ELder Harrold. Erguiza 26 years old but he looks like he is 16. 
So Eljay got baptized 2 days ago. Elder Whitrod and Abonitalla did all the work though cause I'm in their area now.  Sister Joy marie is married to a member and she was found also by those 2 Elders. She is scheduled to be baptized on march 19. She is way ready and already knows the church is true.  So awesome!
Also our landlord, Brother Dexter, who was my investigator last transfer is now the 2 new missionaries investigator. Just the other day they told me that he has decided to be baptized and they set a date on April 2! SHWEET!

I got a bad haircut the other day. I look like a idiot HAHA.

That's this week.  Ask me questions cause I don't know what to tell all you guys every week! I love and miss you all! 

-Elder Andersen

Baptism! Brother Eljay Ramos Lara

Caribou yo

Elder Roberto and the caribou

 Elder Andersen and the caribou

Cute lil fam of the branch clerk

 So I bought the desert for our recent converts Bday part, but no one ate it :(

 SHELFIE - My good hair day

It's mud I swear

Haha soon to be Elder Romel used my camera to do his missionary pic

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