Saturday, July 25, 2015

Week 1 Provo MTC

Dis is Fun...Pamilya! Kumusta po kayo! MABUTI (MY BOOTY) hahahahahahahahaha. Mabuti tubig (good water).  Well Tagalog is hard. But so fun. We are only three days in and I can already notice the The Spirit and the Gift of Tongues blessing us!  My companion is Elder Langevelde. He is from Ogden! Very cool and very obedient and very determined.  We are both going to Laoag!  The first day in the MTC was nuts! After I was assigned residencies and I got all my stuff, I had my first class, and it was Tagalog. HAHAHAHAHA as soon as I walked in the door, the teacher Brother Cobb just started babbling at me in Tagalog and obviously I had no idea what was going on! After awhile I started to catch to words like mabuti (good) and opo (yes) and hindi (no) and I learned how to say Kumusta po kayo (how are you) and Mabuti po ako (I am good.)  but that's about all I gathered from day one.

The MTC food is pretty sub par. The whole zone is complaining about it and we all have gas :D  So after Thursday I decided to eat the healthiest food possible. So it's not that bad and I have my secret juice so I'm good;)

Well in case you were wondering, I have not cried yet, but we will see.

I love our zone! The whole zone is going to the Philippines, and all the missionaries who have been here longer than us noobies are always so excited and comforting. They give us advice all the time. This is very hard but so fun at the same time. I can already feel myself stretching and growing all the time. 
Well, Ingat para ngayon! (Goodbye for now)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Bye Gabe...

Gabe entered the MTC Wednesday July 22, 2015.

The last goodbyes....

Andersen and Engemann Boys 

Just outside the MTC...

last good brotherly hug

Nothing better than having a good fake cry...The tears just wouldn't come. Gabe was thrilled.
He'd rather laugh than cry any day and so we did...

He was so excited to get his mission started. 

From here on out, all the posts will be directly from Gabe's letters home. Should be fun!

Last Few Days...

Gabe was set apart as an Elder to be a Missionary on Monday July 20, 2015.  My Mom, Craig, Dad, Shelby, Cathy, Mathis, Kari, Maximo, Ethan, Lily, Olivia, Hartman and I were all there. Gabe was set apart by President Ricks.

The blessing was so amazing and I know it will be a strength to Gabe as he serves.
A last goodbye hug with grandma.

For his last St. George meal Gabe picked Five Guys for a good old Hamburger 


Then we headed up North to spend our last day together as a family in SLC at Temple Square. We spent all Tuesday walking around these beautiful grounds and Gabe had the opportunity to talk with several Filipino missionaries that were serving there. He loved it!

Uhhh, long story, but there's a baby bunny in that stroller not an actual baby.

Then we had a huge party at The Brick Oven with family and friends. I forgot to get pictures of everyone, but here's a few that closed the place down with us...

Good Times.

Gabe's Farewell...

Gabe's farewell was Sunday July 19, 2015. Family and friends came from near and far to hear him speak. He did such a good job. It had all the elements of a good talk! Humor, Love, Humility, and a good strong Testimony. He had us all laughing and crying.

It was beautiful.

Loved hanging out at the house after with all of our family and friends eating tons of good food.

Gabe's friends...Shane, Joey, and Logan (who is hidden behind Joey.) Shane is going to South Africa, Logan is going to Russia, and Joey is going to the Marshall Islands on their missions. All are leaving in the next month or so. It's so awesome to see all of these valiant young men get ready to go and serve the Lord.  William is also on the couch with that awesome hair! He'll be going in a couple of years somewhere cool.

 Gabe, Jack, Mathis, Hartman and Grandma Kathy (like mother like son ) hehe!

Uncle Shelb had a long week at scout camp then drove 11 hours to be here for Gabe, so we let him sleep and sleep and sleeeeeeep.

Grandpa Craig and Gabe

Uncle Mathis and Gabe

Hart, Grandma Kathy and Gabe

 Ethan, Branden Campbell, and Gabe.   (Yep from Neon Trees) We love him

 and we Love the awesome Campbell family.

There are more pics, I just need to find them. Stay tuned!