Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 22 Santo Domingo Philippines

Monday: Held a bear cat and touched a tiger.

Tuesday:  Had exchanges with Elder Pamaran, he is a pinoy, and he is
25 years old. He doesn't cook, and he always asks me questions about
America, and complains about his companion. haha  We taught lesson one
to this guy named Marlon. He has a huge house, and a car, and he is
rich. While we taught, he asked tons of questions, and by the end of
the lesson he looked like his head was gonna explode, because of all
the new info. Especially when we extended a baptismal date to him. He
thought we were very convincing, but we told him that he should join
when he knows the truth from God, no matter how convincing are words
may be.

Wednesday:  Hard day. Finding scattered Israel.

Thursday:  had ZMT, talked about Christmas, I'm way excited.

Friday:  Got punted all day, and didn't get in to teach one lesson,
haha. Hard work all the same.  We had dinner at a members house
though, so that was a plus.

Saturday:  Another hard day, finding scattered Israel.  Waited for
transfer, news, but nothing. So I have another 6 weeks here in Santo
Domingo.  It's gonna be hard, but hopefully we can help some people
come closer to Christ.

Sunday: We went with the District and the branch president and invited
tons of less actives to a priesthood activity.

Yah, It's hard still right now. The work is slow, and even the new
people we are finding aren't really super interested.  So we will keep
looking.  Yah and the Filipinos don't do thanksgiving. It is after all
a American holiday.  the Filipinos are all geared up for Christmas
though.  But they have pretty much been geared up for Christmas since
September.  Almost done with the New Testament. I'm finding some
really cool stuff in Corinthians. But in all honesty, I really am
excited to finish and start the Book of Mormon again.

Love you all. Thank you for your support and your prayers.

-Elder Andersen

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 21 Santo Domingo Philippines

 Dogs, and Drama, and Drunks...

Yeshhhh, Hello my dear friends and family. I'm am going to email, giving you an over of each day, so you will have a better idea of what happens from day to day.

Monday:  We were supposed to buy fans in Vigan, but we wasted to much time and couldn't get it done. We called Sister Andrada and she chastised us and then told us to buy a fan the next day hahaha. It, was pretty funny, cause Elder Legaspi was super scared to talk to her on the phone.  She chastised me first and,said we should have had better time management, I thought she wasn't gonna let us get a fan until the following Pday, So I asked "So should we wait until next Pday?" haha and then she chastised me again because that's not using common sense. haha. Love her still.

Tuesday:  Bought fans first thing in the morning.  Soooooo niccceeeee.  Worked, had dinner at a members house, the Sister Missionaries came 20 minutes late, and the member was sort of mad at them, I kept joking that the elders were her favorite.  .......drama......

Wednesday: We got a list from the ward clerk of all the Less actives in our area, (that we know of) 
We went hunting for them, but turns out many of them had moved, or they died, or they were at sea.  And one of them was sleeping, and then sleeping again when we went back again. what a goon man.

Thursday: Hard work, but no lessons. Got punted allll the dayyy long.  We came home and there were tons of ants on the floor, so Elder Legaspi to some sunscreen and a match and torched them :D  haha, filipin Filipinos man.  Haha he almost burned his hand off, and then we laughed for like 25 minutes.

Friday:  We decided in weekly planning to set aside an hour every day to find, we decided that we are gonna knock on every single door in the entire area, whatever it takes to find the Lost Tribes of Israel.  we spent an hour and a half on our very own street, a lot of people turned us down but that's okay, we found some people that said we could come back and teach them.  So AYOS.  Around 9pm, A member called us and asked us to go check on one of our LA's, who has a WOW issue.  She said he had a ruff day, and that we could help him. We biked over as fast as we could and found him drunk...... yeahhhhhh. haha. He tried to act like he wasn't drunk... but he was drunk. 

Saturday:  Happy Birthday DAD!  We worked hard all day, but only had one lesson, idk why this week is so hard.  We Started a fast after lunch.

Sunday: Pres Andrada came to our District! He taught gospel essentials class and spoke in sacrament meeting. It was really cool.  We had and FHE at dinner time, we taught a small lesson to a bunch of fams in the brancg, and then we ate. Many of the members were super surprised how good I was at Tagalog, as compared to my first few weeks.  They told me to start working on Ilocano, but I said no way, not yet anyway.  Then we biked home in the dark, and it was like a 25 min ride, plus as soon as it's night time, every dog in the world chases us. I hate the dogs here so much, I know that sounds horrible, but they all have rabies, and aren't trained, and I'm pretty sure Satan has control over them, because they only bark and chase the missionaries.

Today: I had an encounter with a bear cat, and touched the butt of a tiger, and then the tiger hit me in the goods with his tail.  If only my 6 year old self could see me now- I TOUCHED A TIGER
So yah. I've been think about what needs to change here in SAnto for weeks now. I've asked other members if the Elders area was baptizing in the past years. In the Elders area, we have had 1 baptism in the last 2 years, if not more.  I don't know what the deal is but there needs to be a change, we need to help these people come unto Christ.  During weekly planning we decided to go to every single house in the area, and invite them to learn about the Restored Gospel.  We fasted on sat and Sunday specifically that we would be able to find the people here in Santo that would be willing to come unto Christ.  And that the Spirit would carry our words to their hearts, and that we could help this branch become Zion.  

I've read the Gospels of Jesus Christ, and now I'm almost done with Acts. I really like the Book of John, but Acts I really really like. It's amazing to read about how much of a difference the Gift of the Holy Ghost makes. The difference in the Apostles before and after is night and day.  I'm also obsessed with the Apostle Paul, the guy was a gospel preaching  animal. I want to be like him.

CGEEEE Love you all.

-Elder Andersen
This is a bear cat. Its a bear because it can stand on 2 legs, it's a cat because it has whiskers.

my new favorite animal

In action, shortly before I got nailed, as you can see the blur around his tail because it is in moving, obviously yah, yah

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 20 Santo Domingo Philippines

This week was pretty lame. We got punted all day on Tuesday and Wednesday, because it's the rice harvest right now, and no one was home... We had a few lessons but, mehhhhh... Then on Thursday after district meeting, Elder Legaspi got a really bad fever, He was super hot, and weak, and his body ached, so he had to stay in the apartment and rest. He was sick Thursday and Friday, so no work.  Also we attended a member baptism Saturday morning, and then had FHE in the evening, so we really didn't have the most productive week, kinda lame.  

I'm excited to get back working this week.  So yah.... I had a lot of time for personal study this week, which on the other hand is kinda nice.  I finished reading about the teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, and read all of Matthew, Mark, and now I'm half way through Luke.  President Benson says we should be studying the Book of Mormon always, and that yes, some scripture is more important than others. So I need to return to the Bom and D&C, but i really really want to read the New Testament, so I'm trying to read it fast.  

Alsooooo, haha, Tumitira kami sa impierno..... haha. (Translate yourselves if you want)  So, a little background; Every since my first day in Santo Domingo, we only have had one working fan We have two, but it is broken. (the standard is one fan per missionary)  . And Elder Tejada used it to sleep every night.  So I have been sweating my self to sleep every night here in Santo. Since this transfer, Me and Elder Legaspi have been switching off every night using the fan to sleep.  But it broke a week and a half ago. We are burning alive. It is soo flippin hot in our apartment. Like literally, we are studying the scriptures and we are drenched in sweat.   We have contacted sister Andrada about the sitch, as well as the office Elders, but they haven't really been of much help to us so far.  So we are probs gonna buy some fans ourselves and then have the office reimburse us later. haha. Also, the mosquitoes are still alive and breeding in the apartment, but as long as you stay moving and sleep under a mosquito net, you only get bit sometimes.  haha.  

Me and Elder Legaspi are laughing and joking and are really getting along well. The Tagalog is still coming as well.   Our area is so big, and are bikes are so crappy, and it's so hot, and we are always so tires, and we have no fans, and no AC. But buhay pa. haha Still a great time. No greater work, no greater need.  

Sorry, not many pics this week. I've been in the apartment sweating bullets most of this week haha. But here is us eating, and here's a selfie.  HANG LOOSE.  

Next week na lang.

-Elder Andersen

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 19 Santo Domingo Philippines

Cge, I apologize for the no pictures last week. The comp I was using was giving me troubles.

Any way. We had Elder Haynie of the Seventy come to Laoag! It was awesome. We learned about how to involve the ward and help them become missionary oriented. We learned about the keys of the gathering of Israel, we learned about lots of cool stuffff.  We were free to ask inspired questions, so there were lots of questions, and a lot of different topics that were addressed. My favorite thing was we read about Enoch, and his mission call, and his weakness, and then his power. Then we read moses 6:38 I think? 38 And they came forth to hear him, upon the high places, saying unto the tent-keepers: Tarry ye here and keep the tents, while we go yonder to behold the seer, for he prophesieth, and there is a strange thing in the land; a wildman hath come among us.

Haha. Elder Haynie asked us if we knew if the Filipinos were saying these kinds of things about us. Haha. I immediately wrote down in my planner "BE THE WILD MAN"  that's been my motto ever since.

Yeshhh, Work still slow here in good 'ole Santo Domingo.  We really went out and tried to focus on the members and less actives this week, according to the counsel of Elder Haynie and Presdient Andrada. We reached out to some people and we are trying to train them to be missionaries.

Also there was this super cool Australian dude, he was building his house for retirement being one of our less actives house. He was tall, stocky, tan, and just like... a man.  He had sunglasses and a safari hat, and all these catholic necklaces, and this super deep accent and yah, he was way cool. It was really weird because I talked with him in English and it was really hard. We introduced ourselves, and he said " I'm more of a mercenary than a missionary"  But yah, he said he knew everything their was to know about Mormons.  He thought Brigham Young was the founder, so maybe he doesn't know everything haha. I asked him why he hadn't joined yet, he deflected and then He offered me a beer and I obviously said no. he was like," I know your a Mormon, but still, any Yankee likes a good beer." Hahah.  I told him to come to church with us and offered to teach him.  I'm pretty sure he was drunk the whole time we were talking to him haha. I then asked him if he had read the book of Mormon, and he said he had some but never read them. I said " ahh man, that's the key, you have to read the book man!"  He told me to "  go away, return, and we will talk some more later" haha.  Funny guy.

Yeshh, No investigators at church for us on Sunday :( The sister missionaries had some, but they have been at the hospital for a week, Sister Staples has Dengue. :I  One of the La's said he would come today, but wala siya! Ano ba iyon!?

I've really noticed my Tagalog is improving a lot, still have a long way to go, pero basta, umunlad siya!
cge na, sa darating Linggo, Mageemail tayo!

Thank you for your emails and your prayers and your support I love you all!
-Elder Andersen
Elder Haynie of the Seventy and Sister Haynie
Those tagapagbawal, JokeLang, Obedient us! 
Splits in San Juan. Super cute, it hurts my eyes! Too much handsome ... 

Don't ask, okay I tell you. This is the former president of the Philippines, who is from Vigan.He is a centaur.  He also slays wild African beasts and skins them, and they are all in the Baluarte zoo.  He also walked the streets of Vigan with a tiger on a chain, while probably accidentally flipping off the camera. I took a pic of it haha.  So macho talaga

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 18 Santo Domingo Philippines

Starting week 9 in the Philippines. 

Hard week as far as the work goes. We've had to rearrange a lot this week. A lot of investigators have lost interest, a few have said they don't want to be taught, and we ourselves have dropped a lot, simply because they just aren't really showing interest and a desire to change, nor keeping their commitments.  Which is good because now we can find the ones who are interested.  Also a lot of the new investigators that we found last week turned out to not be so interested. So we still have many people to find haha. FIND FIND FIND FIND. 

Elder Legaspi is awesome. Like I said, barely speaks English, but we are getting along really well, and we laugh a lot. It's definitely been helping my Tagalog a lot, as well as my ability to joke around in Tagalog. He is always smiling and laughing and we are having fun, despite the difficulty of the work.  

 I've done a lot of reading this week.  I finished the BOM, and read this D&C story book with lots of cool stories of the early history of the church, mostly about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. I started reading about the life and teachings of President Ezra Taft Benson, which is awesome. I really like Ezra Taft Benson, he was a BOM trooper as well, which I love.  I read some cool stories about his mission to England, as well as his assignments while being in the quorum of the 12 during after the devastation of WW2 in Europe, and all sorts of cool stuff. I think
 I am gonna read the New Testament next.

Ummm. ano pa? I've decided to pursue and especially pray for the Gift of Charity, in which Mormon explains in Moroni 7.  It's not like I don't love the people, but I've decided I need to lose myself completely. It's just the easiest as well as the most intelligent thing to do. Sige more next week. 
Love you all. Thank you for your prayers and your emails!

-Elder Andersen