Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 30...Cabugao Philippines

This week was faster.
Last Sunday, we did accounting, and our Zone Leader was talking to our District Leader, Elder Abonitalla on the phone, but then the zone leader wanted to talk to Elder Camero. So the zone leader whined to us about how our KI's were so low, despite the fact that we just transferred in and we are opening the area and we couldn't work on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday because of transfers and district conference. So then Elder Camero told the zone leader to watch and wait cause we were gonna get 50 lessons the coming week and that's when I knew this week was gonna suck. 
So then we started working. All my comp could think about was teaching lessons. He was always trying to teach the lessons really fast and he always spoke really fast and I am positive that no one understood our message. We pretty much just found lots of people and then talked at them. It was the worst. I taught more lessons in a week this week than any other week on the mission, and it sucked, because we didn't help anyone. I just knew something was missing.  Finally yesterday at church, the fruits of our labors showed when not one of our investigators came to church. 
So that's the update on the work this week.
Update on the apartment situation, We just have to endure one more week. It didn't flood this week surprisingly so that was nice. President and Sister Andrada came to Lasam on Tuesday for quarterly interviews. The interview went well and I love President.  I learned that I need to direct my studies towards PMG, so I can become a master teacher like the Savior. President Andrada said we cant be perfect people but we can become perfect teachers.  Sister Andrada went with the other Elders to the apartment and they said she was speechless (because of how bad it was).  So then to our satisfaction, the APs showed up on Friday with mattresses and other stuff we needed so that was awesome.
Despite the bummer with the work this week, I am really excited about this branch. The leaders are awesome and super dedicated and the branch is super focused on growing so we can get a chapel here (Because our church here is just a tiny little meeting house.)
My challenge here in Lasam is trying to stay motivated and happy. All 4 us are having trouble waking up on time and focusing during study hour because our home environment is crap and we are all mad and homesick and unmotivated and tired. I know that's no excuse.  It's all about perspective and making the best with what you got. And I could probably cheer up and be happy and motivated if I willed it, but it's just hard man.  Hopefully I will figure it out this coming week. We all keep telling ourselves it will get better when we get the new apartment, but we'll see.

Hmmmmmmm. I think that's it for this week.
I love you all. Pray for us, and I will keep praying for all you guys. 

-Elder Andersen

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