Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 32...Cabugao Phililppines

Another week gone by and another well needed P-day. This is now my 7th month as a missionary. Wow. time fly's fast. Just 17 more months to go! And I only have one more birthday and one more Christmas on the mission! haha. And one more New Years! but still 2 more Easters. And two more 4th of July's. :(  Man that makes me sad, my next American 4th of July is in 2018. :0

Anyways... This week went relatively fast.  We moved on Tuesday in to the new apartment, man, and we really got to see how disgusting the old one really was.  But it was pretty nice cause the branch president came and helped and also the guys who just finished building our new apartment came and helped too.  The land lord of the old house was kind of a dufus though. He just came in and complained about how crappy the apartment was and kept trying to blame it on us, and he made us go buy like 9 light bulbs and we had to fix the broken windows and all this crap that wasn't even our fault. And he was smoking a cigarette the whole time so he stunk up the house and yah he was just kind of a kuripot.

Yah the new apartment is much better and stuff. The only problem is that it's really far from centro and and takes a while to get there after proselyting.  And we don't have a front door yet so cats get in sometimes haha. Oh and we still don't have a fridge, but were working on it.

Haha, the tall Australian wanted to celebrate after we were all moved in so he bought a 2 liter coke but when he tried to open it and it slipped and broke and sliced 2 of his fingers. He started saying "like why me?"  and he started freaking out and our branch prez used my first aid kit to dress it, but while they were trying to dress the wound he started sweating really bad and almost fainted like twice.  It was really a tiny cut but he just freaked himself out haha. So that happened.

The work was pretty okay lang this week.  It was really rainy and we kinda got punted more than usual. We had one investigator come to church, he is our new land lord. His wife is a member and their kids too.  But the Husband is still a non member. He come to church most Sundays with his fam but he is too shy to be baptized. It's hard for us to get much out of him while we teach him. He is so nice though. He will be baptized one day for sure.  The one kid who didn't show up to his baptism didn't come to church again. :( I don't know what to do to help him. His two siblings are members and came to church, but he just didn't come.:/

On Sunday, one of our fellowshippers bore his testimony and  played a card trick while at the pulpit for some reason haha. Pinoys are so weird.  

Man it's crazy this transfer is almost already over.  I wonder what will happen. Everyone keeps telling me that president will make me district leader as well as a trainer. I hope they are wrong.

Well thanks for your thoughts and prayers.  The Spirit whispers to me all the time that there are many people praying for me and cheering me on back home. Thank you guys, and God bless you all. I hope your prayers will be answered, as well as mine, so that we can stat bringing these people in Lasam closer to their Savior, and hopefully baptism. I love and pray for you all!

-Elder Andersen
FHE at this part member family's house. We played this game and if you messed up you got baby powder slapped on your face

My cute District leader <3

One of My old zone leaders from Vigan, and one of my current zone leaders. Haha. They are crazy. The one on the very left hasn't shaved for a week.  PASAWAY SILA HAHA 

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