Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 33...Cabugao Philippines

So what happened this week. Not much. This week was super duper fast. It feels like I was just emailing yesterday.  

We worked pretty hard this week.  We taught some lessons and found some new investigators that hopefully will progress.  We still struggle to get people to church. We only had 2 investigators come to church on Sunday. One of them was our super nice landlord who comes almost every week anyway, and the other was our neighbor who is this 11 year old kid,  we went to his house and picked him up. We even left early on Sunday walked by the houses of a ton of our investigators (and members) to remind them to come to church but no one would come. :(  

The only really out of the ordinary thing that happened was on Tuesday night some one died in a motor accident just a couple meters away from our apartment. It was a relative of our land lord too.  We just heard about it but we walked past the spot the next morning and saw the blood stain on the cement :/ Apparently he crashed into another vehicle that had no lights on and it was night time, ...Yall probably don't wanna hear that but that is really the only thing that happened that's worth talking about this week... I guess.  Sorry bout it.

Sorry this week was so not interesting. I can't think of anything else to tell you guys about.  

Woah this is the last week of the transfer. time fly's sooo fast. and slow some times too. but mostly fast.

Sorry guys that all I got this week.  Read the scriptures every day and pray every morning and every night and go to church, and then you will all be in a very spiritual standing guaranteed. 

 2 Nephi 2:27  We have the freedom to choose. So choose wisely

-Elder Andersen

Some cool stuff. This is where we do work everyday


We balled hard

I found the chillest baby ever. She even knows Tagalog (and not Ilokano for once)! All the babies here don't usually learn Tagalog until they start school. So yah, plus all the babies are usually scared of me because I'm white. But this one was SO CHILL!

Me and my valentines formally agreeing to be valentines... (yesh I have more than one)

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