Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 22 Santo Domingo Philippines

Monday: Held a bear cat and touched a tiger.

Tuesday:  Had exchanges with Elder Pamaran, he is a pinoy, and he is
25 years old. He doesn't cook, and he always asks me questions about
America, and complains about his companion. haha  We taught lesson one
to this guy named Marlon. He has a huge house, and a car, and he is
rich. While we taught, he asked tons of questions, and by the end of
the lesson he looked like his head was gonna explode, because of all
the new info. Especially when we extended a baptismal date to him. He
thought we were very convincing, but we told him that he should join
when he knows the truth from God, no matter how convincing are words
may be.

Wednesday:  Hard day. Finding scattered Israel.

Thursday:  had ZMT, talked about Christmas, I'm way excited.

Friday:  Got punted all day, and didn't get in to teach one lesson,
haha. Hard work all the same.  We had dinner at a members house
though, so that was a plus.

Saturday:  Another hard day, finding scattered Israel.  Waited for
transfer, news, but nothing. So I have another 6 weeks here in Santo
Domingo.  It's gonna be hard, but hopefully we can help some people
come closer to Christ.

Sunday: We went with the District and the branch president and invited
tons of less actives to a priesthood activity.

Yah, It's hard still right now. The work is slow, and even the new
people we are finding aren't really super interested.  So we will keep
looking.  Yah and the Filipinos don't do thanksgiving. It is after all
a American holiday.  the Filipinos are all geared up for Christmas
though.  But they have pretty much been geared up for Christmas since
September.  Almost done with the New Testament. I'm finding some
really cool stuff in Corinthians. But in all honesty, I really am
excited to finish and start the Book of Mormon again.

Love you all. Thank you for your support and your prayers.

-Elder Andersen

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