Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 19 Santo Domingo Philippines

Cge, I apologize for the no pictures last week. The comp I was using was giving me troubles.

Any way. We had Elder Haynie of the Seventy come to Laoag! It was awesome. We learned about how to involve the ward and help them become missionary oriented. We learned about the keys of the gathering of Israel, we learned about lots of cool stuffff.  We were free to ask inspired questions, so there were lots of questions, and a lot of different topics that were addressed. My favorite thing was we read about Enoch, and his mission call, and his weakness, and then his power. Then we read moses 6:38 I think? 38 And they came forth to hear him, upon the high places, saying unto the tent-keepers: Tarry ye here and keep the tents, while we go yonder to behold the seer, for he prophesieth, and there is a strange thing in the land; a wildman hath come among us.

Haha. Elder Haynie asked us if we knew if the Filipinos were saying these kinds of things about us. Haha. I immediately wrote down in my planner "BE THE WILD MAN"  that's been my motto ever since.

Yeshhh, Work still slow here in good 'ole Santo Domingo.  We really went out and tried to focus on the members and less actives this week, according to the counsel of Elder Haynie and Presdient Andrada. We reached out to some people and we are trying to train them to be missionaries.

Also there was this super cool Australian dude, he was building his house for retirement being one of our less actives house. He was tall, stocky, tan, and just like... a man.  He had sunglasses and a safari hat, and all these catholic necklaces, and this super deep accent and yah, he was way cool. It was really weird because I talked with him in English and it was really hard. We introduced ourselves, and he said " I'm more of a mercenary than a missionary"  But yah, he said he knew everything their was to know about Mormons.  He thought Brigham Young was the founder, so maybe he doesn't know everything haha. I asked him why he hadn't joined yet, he deflected and then He offered me a beer and I obviously said no. he was like," I know your a Mormon, but still, any Yankee likes a good beer." Hahah.  I told him to come to church with us and offered to teach him.  I'm pretty sure he was drunk the whole time we were talking to him haha. I then asked him if he had read the book of Mormon, and he said he had some but never read them. I said " ahh man, that's the key, you have to read the book man!"  He told me to "  go away, return, and we will talk some more later" haha.  Funny guy.

Yeshh, No investigators at church for us on Sunday :( The sister missionaries had some, but they have been at the hospital for a week, Sister Staples has Dengue. :I  One of the La's said he would come today, but wala siya! Ano ba iyon!?

I've really noticed my Tagalog is improving a lot, still have a long way to go, pero basta, umunlad siya!
cge na, sa darating Linggo, Mageemail tayo!

Thank you for your emails and your prayers and your support I love you all!
-Elder Andersen
Elder Haynie of the Seventy and Sister Haynie
Those tagapagbawal, JokeLang, Obedient us! 
Splits in San Juan. Super cute, it hurts my eyes! Too much handsome ... 

Don't ask, okay I tell you. This is the former president of the Philippines, who is from Vigan.He is a centaur.  He also slays wild African beasts and skins them, and they are all in the Baluarte zoo.  He also walked the streets of Vigan with a tiger on a chain, while probably accidentally flipping off the camera. I took a pic of it haha.  So macho talaga

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