Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 21 Santo Domingo Philippines

 Dogs, and Drama, and Drunks...

Yeshhhh, Hello my dear friends and family. I'm am going to email, giving you an over of each day, so you will have a better idea of what happens from day to day.

Monday:  We were supposed to buy fans in Vigan, but we wasted to much time and couldn't get it done. We called Sister Andrada and she chastised us and then told us to buy a fan the next day hahaha. It, was pretty funny, cause Elder Legaspi was super scared to talk to her on the phone.  She chastised me first and,said we should have had better time management, I thought she wasn't gonna let us get a fan until the following Pday, So I asked "So should we wait until next Pday?" haha and then she chastised me again because that's not using common sense. haha. Love her still.

Tuesday:  Bought fans first thing in the morning.  Soooooo niccceeeee.  Worked, had dinner at a members house, the Sister Missionaries came 20 minutes late, and the member was sort of mad at them, I kept joking that the elders were her favorite.  .......drama......

Wednesday: We got a list from the ward clerk of all the Less actives in our area, (that we know of) 
We went hunting for them, but turns out many of them had moved, or they died, or they were at sea.  And one of them was sleeping, and then sleeping again when we went back again. what a goon man.

Thursday: Hard work, but no lessons. Got punted allll the dayyy long.  We came home and there were tons of ants on the floor, so Elder Legaspi to some sunscreen and a match and torched them :D  haha, filipin Filipinos man.  Haha he almost burned his hand off, and then we laughed for like 25 minutes.

Friday:  We decided in weekly planning to set aside an hour every day to find, we decided that we are gonna knock on every single door in the entire area, whatever it takes to find the Lost Tribes of Israel.  we spent an hour and a half on our very own street, a lot of people turned us down but that's okay, we found some people that said we could come back and teach them.  So AYOS.  Around 9pm, A member called us and asked us to go check on one of our LA's, who has a WOW issue.  She said he had a ruff day, and that we could help him. We biked over as fast as we could and found him drunk...... yeahhhhhh. haha. He tried to act like he wasn't drunk... but he was drunk. 

Saturday:  Happy Birthday DAD!  We worked hard all day, but only had one lesson, idk why this week is so hard.  We Started a fast after lunch.

Sunday: Pres Andrada came to our District! He taught gospel essentials class and spoke in sacrament meeting. It was really cool.  We had and FHE at dinner time, we taught a small lesson to a bunch of fams in the brancg, and then we ate. Many of the members were super surprised how good I was at Tagalog, as compared to my first few weeks.  They told me to start working on Ilocano, but I said no way, not yet anyway.  Then we biked home in the dark, and it was like a 25 min ride, plus as soon as it's night time, every dog in the world chases us. I hate the dogs here so much, I know that sounds horrible, but they all have rabies, and aren't trained, and I'm pretty sure Satan has control over them, because they only bark and chase the missionaries.

Today: I had an encounter with a bear cat, and touched the butt of a tiger, and then the tiger hit me in the goods with his tail.  If only my 6 year old self could see me now- I TOUCHED A TIGER
So yah. I've been think about what needs to change here in SAnto for weeks now. I've asked other members if the Elders area was baptizing in the past years. In the Elders area, we have had 1 baptism in the last 2 years, if not more.  I don't know what the deal is but there needs to be a change, we need to help these people come unto Christ.  During weekly planning we decided to go to every single house in the area, and invite them to learn about the Restored Gospel.  We fasted on sat and Sunday specifically that we would be able to find the people here in Santo that would be willing to come unto Christ.  And that the Spirit would carry our words to their hearts, and that we could help this branch become Zion.  

I've read the Gospels of Jesus Christ, and now I'm almost done with Acts. I really like the Book of John, but Acts I really really like. It's amazing to read about how much of a difference the Gift of the Holy Ghost makes. The difference in the Apostles before and after is night and day.  I'm also obsessed with the Apostle Paul, the guy was a gospel preaching  animal. I want to be like him.

CGEEEE Love you all.

-Elder Andersen
This is a bear cat. Its a bear because it can stand on 2 legs, it's a cat because it has whiskers.

my new favorite animal

In action, shortly before I got nailed, as you can see the blur around his tail because it is in moving, obviously yah, yah

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