Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 20 Santo Domingo Philippines

This week was pretty lame. We got punted all day on Tuesday and Wednesday, because it's the rice harvest right now, and no one was home... We had a few lessons but, mehhhhh... Then on Thursday after district meeting, Elder Legaspi got a really bad fever, He was super hot, and weak, and his body ached, so he had to stay in the apartment and rest. He was sick Thursday and Friday, so no work.  Also we attended a member baptism Saturday morning, and then had FHE in the evening, so we really didn't have the most productive week, kinda lame.  

I'm excited to get back working this week.  So yah.... I had a lot of time for personal study this week, which on the other hand is kinda nice.  I finished reading about the teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, and read all of Matthew, Mark, and now I'm half way through Luke.  President Benson says we should be studying the Book of Mormon always, and that yes, some scripture is more important than others. So I need to return to the Bom and D&C, but i really really want to read the New Testament, so I'm trying to read it fast.  

Alsooooo, haha, Tumitira kami sa impierno..... haha. (Translate yourselves if you want)  So, a little background; Every since my first day in Santo Domingo, we only have had one working fan We have two, but it is broken. (the standard is one fan per missionary)  . And Elder Tejada used it to sleep every night.  So I have been sweating my self to sleep every night here in Santo. Since this transfer, Me and Elder Legaspi have been switching off every night using the fan to sleep.  But it broke a week and a half ago. We are burning alive. It is soo flippin hot in our apartment. Like literally, we are studying the scriptures and we are drenched in sweat.   We have contacted sister Andrada about the sitch, as well as the office Elders, but they haven't really been of much help to us so far.  So we are probs gonna buy some fans ourselves and then have the office reimburse us later. haha. Also, the mosquitoes are still alive and breeding in the apartment, but as long as you stay moving and sleep under a mosquito net, you only get bit sometimes.  haha.  

Me and Elder Legaspi are laughing and joking and are really getting along well. The Tagalog is still coming as well.   Our area is so big, and are bikes are so crappy, and it's so hot, and we are always so tires, and we have no fans, and no AC. But buhay pa. haha Still a great time. No greater work, no greater need.  

Sorry, not many pics this week. I've been in the apartment sweating bullets most of this week haha. But here is us eating, and here's a selfie.  HANG LOOSE.  

Next week na lang.

-Elder Andersen

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