Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 23 Santo Domingo Philippines

Hey guys, sorry I really stink at  taking cool pictures. I made it a personal goal in my weekly planner to take more interesting pictures for you guys.

Yah! The work is still Matumal (Slow) !  We lost an investigator that we thought had lots of potential, he was the one who has the big house and whose head looked like it would explode when we taught him. He texted us and told us thanks for our time and to have good luck on our missions, he said he decided to stay Catholic.  :((((((((   Bummer dude, seriously, so much potential.... Bummer talaga.
Thursday... we were trying to cross the street when this American on a motorcycle yelled, "Hey look Catholics!"   I politely told him we were Mormons, then he drove really close to us and said, "Nah, You are Catholics."  Then he went on this crazy rant quoting tons of random scriptures from the Bible, and told us we were gonna go to hell.  He was like really loud and sounded angry. Then He was like, " You know what you outta do? You outta throw away that book of Mormon, that book of the devil, and read the king James version of the bible!!"  Then he said," By the way, there is no marriage out there, on those other planets! You wanna know why?! Because the Lord Jesus, the Almighty, the Creator, is gonna burn em all up!!"  Then he told us that we worshiped Satan, and more about how we need to forsake the Book of Mormon in order to be saved.  I politely told him that we serve Jesus Christ and do nothing but preach repentance on His name.  He was like, " Nah, you don't serve Him."  Then he said," I know what you guys call yourselves, THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS. (Then he got really loud) But there is one word missing, ONE WORD. You know what it is?"  "What" -me    "LORD!" And then he sped off on his motorcycle, really fast. Me and Elder Legaspi just laughed.  The guy was so American. I have no idea why he called us Catholics even though he totally knew who we were, I also have no idea why he is here in the Philippines. Everything he said made little to no sense, it was just really loud and angry. Like he legit sounded like he wanted to punch us.  Dude, we are just trying to cross the street, calm down.  He also gave us this peace of paper with these creepy cartoons and scriptures from the Bible captioning them.  I think He is the Preacher at the Messiah Baptist Church here in Santo Domingo, so weird seriously.

We met as a zone earlier today and planned our song and skit for Christmas Con, it was really fun, and lots of laughs.  Christmas will be fun I hope.

I read the Epistle of James yesterday. Really good stuff.

Thank you for your prayers and support, and emails. Means so much really.  Hopefully in the coming weeks, we will find scattered Israel. It's really hard right now, but we press forward, for we know to whom we are entrusted.  

-Elder Andersen
Here is a much cooler pic of the bear cat, accept I kinda look awk, but whatever, it's a flippin bear cat.

 I named him Ingay (Ing-ay)  Which means noisy. He is crazy

 This is basketball in the Philippines! haha!



Member baptism Yahhhhh 

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