Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 24 Santo Domingo Philippines

Yahhhh. Star Wars comes out in three days!! HAHAH YAH WAHOO I'm so mad talaga.  I see star wars adds and posters all over the local 7 eleven, uhhhgggg. It looks sooo good.  

Monday:  We had a Zone practice in Vigan for the Christmas conference. One of our Zone leaders showed up in a Pacers jersey over his garments, so the sleeves were hangin out.....idk man.

Tuesday:  I had a bad day, I don't remember why, but I vented to my journal that day haha.  The work was hard and the finding was unfruitful. And Elder Legaspi got a hair cut, and there was this weird movie called My sisters keeper playing in the Salon, and it was about these cancer patients that fell in love and all this stuff happened and then one of them died and there was tons of swearing and yah It totally made me feel weird and totally took the Spirit away. haha.  Weird movie man.

Wednesday:  Long day, taught, found and stuff.  I finally finished the New testament. Cool beans.

Thursday:  Had District meeting. I learned a lot from the Spirit and really applied what i learned later while we were teaching. It was about teaching with the Spirit and focusing on the people and listening to them and asking inspired questions and creating an environment to help them feel the Spirit. Since then, all the lessons have been so much better.    We had an interesting lesson with a Less active whom we cannot get to come to church. He was called to be the branch first counselor a couple years ago, but got released after one month, and he has been totally less active ever since.  He and his wife are members, but all their kids save one were never baptized, and his wife is totally content on being less active, (she is pretty much still catholic).  I started off by asking him what the most important thing in his life was to him. He immediately told us that his biggest desire was to be sealed in the temple with his family, but that there was no hope.  We followed the spirit and taught him from the scriptures and tried to help him see that there is hope, but that he just has to act. He just dodged us the whole time and kept on making excuses.  He has given up.  We really did follow the spirit, and we compared him to the story of Alma the elder when he prayed for his son Alma the younger when there was probably virtually 'no hope', but because of the faith and righteousness of the father, an angel came to Alma and the sons of Mosiah.  Still the less active hardened his heart, for whatever reason, I know not.  Man. bummer naman.

Friday: Taught a really good lesson one to these investigators, but they are afraid to accept baptism because of Catholicism.

Saturday:  We were supposed to have a priesthood activity in the morning, but the Branch President got sick and didn't inform any other priesthood authorities, so yah that got canceled. We were supposed to go to the beach too. :(  Found a funny girl who was really good in English, and she was actually leaving for BAgiou the next day. But we taught her lesson 1 and then got her info in Bagiou so we can refer her to the Bagiou mission.

Sunday: Fast Sunday sa amin.  We surprisingly had an investigator come to church, and she even bore her testimony. But she pretty much just told everyone about how she wants to be baptized but its not the right time yet, and the exact reason she will not say. But I think it is also because of Catholicism.  I bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon and Moroni's promise.    We later went to Vigan and watched the Christmas devotional at the district center. The music and the talks were really good, and it made me Utah sick a little bit. haha.

Iyon lang. Naragsak a Paskua! Have fun with Star Wars and Christmas! I'm totally not jealous! (I'm totally jealous) Buts it's okay cause Christmas will be cool here too.
Love you all. Talaga, mahal ko kayong lahat! 
-Elder Andersen

Dinner in da filipeens, wen.

Hahaha. aaha, ahah, hahah . ha.

 Idk man. If you have a selfie camera, you kinda gotta use it.  Shout out to grandma Linda for the camera!

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