Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 13 Santo Domingo Philippines

So yah,
Family week... 
 It's a Filipino holiday I guess. We celebrated it with the branch on Saturday which was also my birthday. We went on a motorcade around the town and we held up signs that said stuff like "Families are eternal!" and other Mormon stuff, haha. It was really annoying cause all the people on motorcycles honked the whole time and it was giving me a headache. Then we went back to the church and played these dumb games. The branch bought me a cake though and sang this totally messed up version of the happy birthday song. Then they came and put cake on my face.  Prettyfunnnnn...
Later in the evening the sister missionaries had a baptism and they had me be the baptizer since it was my birthday. Super cool. The guy has been an investigator since June I think. He is 22. We also had one of our investigators get baptized on Thursday, his name is Frankelli. He is 8 years old and he is an African-Filipino. His mom is a member so it didn't count as a convert baptism, but that's okay! Salvation all the same! 

Yah, so I bought my self 2 ice cream cones from 7eleven or my birthday haha WAHOOO.
I bought a mosquito net so that has minimized the bites.  They are still always floating around me though, all the flippin time. In the shower, in the bathroom, during study, anywhere really. So I'm always swatting the air. haha.

Tagalog still comin. The Book of Mormon is so true. I read 13 chapters today while Elder Tejada got his homegoing x-ray in Vigan hospital. 

Love you all!
-Elder Andersen

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