Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 9 Manila MTC

Yahhhh Philippines.....Yahhhhh.......

Here is our breakfast...

This is the MTC courtyard   oooooo maganda iyen!

They celebrate Christmas here from September to December

I am attempting the Filipino squat here, but I'm not good at it yet and it hurts my shins :D
Pogi muli..........

Here are some parts of Manila we saw from outside the van window...

So we went proselyting in Quezon City on Saturday.  We went on splits with the Elders there. So nuts. So Ghetto. So Sketchy. So Cool. So Fun. We were probably proselyting in the poorest part of the city, very humbling. We taught a recent convert named Aissa about prayer, then we had a couple appointments fall through, so we taught this inactive ladies family, and her husband who was a non member, we taught them about the importance of reading scriptures and the Book of Mormon. So Funnnnn and a long story so I cant tell it now. 
I couldn't take pics during proselyting cause yah that would be bad. But yah Manila is crazy, the craziest traffic you could ever imagine. People just walk in the middle of the street whenever, oh the jeepneys hahah riding in the jeepneys is so fun, hahahahah just look it up. Also yesterday we went though immigration and it took forever, Elder Langeveld and I placed a Book of Mormon with this guy named Ralph and we gave his contact info to thr MTC president for the missionaries in Manila. Sooo awesome. Can't wait to go to Laoag. So me and Elder Langeveld fly out to Laoag at noon tomorrow and its only an hour flight because apparently it takes like 18 hours to bus there from Manila. 
More Later! Paalam na!
-Elder Andersen

Housing in Manila

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