Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 10 Laoag Philippines

Kumusta!! Dito na kami sa Laoag!! 

Laoag is the prettiest place in the whole entire planet. Flying in an looking out the window was sooooooooobrang ganda talaga!! I am here. I have some pics but I can't figure out how to send them from these internet cafes yet so.......mamaya. 

When we got off the plane, President and the office missionaries came and picked us up. We went to Mcdonalds and ate fries and rice and this fried chicken and it was actually sooo good. Mcdonalds here is pretty masarap. We slept at the mission home last night and tonight. President and Sister Andrada are so nice and funny and the food..... SOBRANG SARAP. Sister Andrada can really cook some good shtuff.  The mission home and office is so ridiculously nice. Like 5 star.... 

So today, President Andrada is interviewing us all individually, and we our touring Laoag, and then tomorrow we get assigned to our Trainers and they will ship us off.  The farthest part of the mission is the Cagayan area, which is a 6 hour bus drive along the north coast, so yahhhhhh maybe I will get sent there haha we will see. 

Also I am getting good at teaching the first lesson when using the pictures at the front of the Aklat ni Mormon sa Tagalog. The office missionaries told us that we will mostly be teaching in Tagalog, but it depends on the area. The old people typically like to be taught in ilokano. So we will see what happens. But yah Laoag is Talagang talagang maganda it's awesome. P day is on Monday so you will here more soon, hopefully I can send some pictures!
Ingat Kayo!
-Elder Andersen

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