Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 14 Santo Domingo Philippines

Hey y'all Mabuhay. Why couldn't the ocean get into Heaven? Tubig asin...hahahahahahaha figure it out. 

I'm giving everything I've got. I received some wise words of counsel from Bishop Wilkins and my uncle Mathis and many others in the previous weeks, and I have to say, y'all angels. You are all inspired in your emails. Thank you. 

I decided to stop whining and pull my weight and Bump it up to full throttle, and leave it all on the rice field. 
I've been much happier and motivated since then.

 We haven't been finding people in the previous weeks, but this week we found 9 new investigators and they have BOMs and pamphlets, and now this week were gonna fire hose them with the Word of God. Hahaha booyahhhh.  We plan on keeping up the finding, Our goal is to find 10 investigators a week. 

We also taught Brother Antonio, whom we found. We have taught him three times and after the first visit, he read the first three chapters of the BOM and he knows it is true.  He has a family to, so we plan to get in and teach his family. More on this guy later, but he is dope and has some potential.

Ummmmmm, yah. Sorry guys I'll try to take more pics of the Philippines and the kids and the families and all that for ya.

I guessed Elder Rasband as one of the new apostles and I was right heh heh IYON. 
We haven't watched GC yet, but next week.

Love you all. Proverbs 3:5-6
-Elder out-

 Also I did exchanges with this Elder from Peru on Thursday. Elder Pena! I lead the area for the first time. He is 27 years old hahaha. He was baptized 2 years ago in NY and has been out here on the mish about a year. So he knows Spanish, English, and now Tagalog. He isss dooopppe.

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