Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 43...Lasam Philppines

I got sick I think!

 Hey y'all  

So this week we were crazy busy and found like a million investigators. The water got fixed on like Friday and we have had a couple more power outages so that has been splendid.  But we bike and walk super far and it is still really really hot and  I am so flipping tired all the time!   I haven't been able to study all week because I feel so weak and tired every day during study time so I have been resting as much as I can.  I think Elder Roberto has been kinda mad at me cause I think he thinks I am being lazy but I have been so dead and I don't know why. Then finally on Saturday at the end of the day while we were working my stomach started to hurt and I got a headache and my bones felt weak and stuff. I kept saying I felt sick but for some reason my companion kept thinking I was just really tired and he kept saying "Wow, you are really tired!"  Then yesterday, on Sunday we went to church and I felt like death. It hurt to bathe cause my bones just hurt from the cold shock from the water and my stomach hurt and my temperature started to rise and stuff.  So after church we went home and I slept all day.  Elder Roberto kept coming in like every two hours and asking me when we were going to work and I literally wanted to kill him. Like, I AM SICK BRO! WALKING HURTS BRO!  Despite every time I told him I am sick and that my hole body hurt, he just couldn't grasp the fact. One of the zone leaders texted us to see if I was okay and Elder Roberto told him I was just really tired haha. I am not just tired, I am sick! I AM DYING BRO!?  Haha its okay I forgive him.

But yah last night before bed I drank my magic drink stuff and I started to feel a lot better after awhile.  Right now, I don't have a fever anymore and my bones don't hurt but I still feel a little fragile.  SO this is crazy cause this is my first time ever getting some sort of illness on my entire mission!  Which is absolutely insane. Because I am American and I have been in the Philippines for almost 9 months and only now have i gotten something. Usually right when all the Americans get here they all have problems with sicknesses right away, but for me I have in good health this whole time up to yesterday. So bummer dude my streak is broken.

We have a baptism coming on Friday. Its a 12 year old kid whose whole fam is Mormon. His parents are less active and were too lazy to prepare him for baptism when he was 8 so here we are. Plus next week we are gonna baptize his little brother who is 9.  We have been extremely busy since we got the other 2 Elders area and now it is just 2 of us here in big old Lasam. Oh yah one of our new zone leaders is a Filipino who was assigned here in Lasam for like 7 months and he wants to come do exchanges here on Tuesday uhhhgg. Its really annoying cause He thinks we suck and keeps making comments about how he is going to 'fix' Lasam or something. He keeps making comments about stuff and talking about how much better Lasam was when he was here but in reality all of his recent converts that he baptized are less active and they haven't even been members for one year yet. So there's that.

Yah this was a long and hard week. We worked real hard but i was pretty miserable so that wasn't fun. The apartment has been much quieter now that there is just 2 of us. Hopefully this week will be better for me and even better for the work.

I love you all! 

-Elder Andersen

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