Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 40....Lasam Philippines

Hi America,

I have been gone for 9 months......... woah

It was a chill week.  The work was much much better because it is not Holy Week anymore :)  We have been focusing on the members this week and teaching them to be more missionary minded. We showed them a cool video with no words and just music and its about a family doing missionary work.   So we want all the Lasam families to be like that one say they can get a chapel and become a ward and also so we can become a stake.  We shared D&C 38:40-42 as the Lord's commandment and then D&C 18:10-16 as the blessings if we keep the commandment.  Good stuff.

So Our 2 families didn't make it to church again this week :(  They promised they would come :(  But they didn't  :(  But they are both doing better with their WoW stuff. They are still awesome and they really want to come to church. They just haven't yet I guess. 

I finished the Book of Mormon again.  So ill.  The book blows my mind every time i read it, but especially this time.  Like seriously, I learned that they had elephants in America, and also Cureloms and Cumeloms or something like that. I really want to know what a Curelom looks like.  Also what on earth did Moroni do for almost 40 years after the battle of the hill Cumorah?  That is all long time to be alone.  Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and I know it for a fact.  So now I don't know what to read. So I think I am gonna read True to the Faith real quick, and then just go hard on PMG, so I can get better at doing missionary work.

So life at the apartment is fun. Cause Elder Harrold has come out of his shell a little bit and he plays tons of pranks on everyone and jokes around and he bugs the crap out of us and makes us laugh, which he has also said that its the new Elder Harrold that is exclusive to Lasam.  He said that his whole mission so far he has been quite and rather depressed. So He is a much happier dude now (its because we are nice to him unlike most of his previous missionary roommates). Yah. And me and Elder Roberto went jogging the other day cause I am fat, but Elder Roberto thought he could keep pace cuz we bike almost everyday, but he thought wrong and got way tired and couldn't keep up hahahahaha. noob. Biking is useless. I have been biking since my first area and I am still 20 to 15 pounds too heavy (cuz rice three times day).

But also life is kinda lame too at the apartment because it is flipping hot right now, even at night time, even with an electric fan, and It is hard to sleep which makes it in turn a nightmare to wake up. But yah I am still alive. 

 I love Lasam and also my companion. Me and Elder Roberto laugh all the time and we have a blast. I love the people here in Lasam so much And when the day comes that I have to leave I will definitely cry.  I am expecting to be here one more transfer after this one, but you never know what will happen.

I love you all.

-Elder Andersen


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