Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 42...Lasam Philippines

Sweating a lot and no water and stuff, plus transfers...

 Eventful week, I am not sure where to begin....

Maybe I will start with the fact that I have been living the past 4 or 5 days without water in the house and the 2 without electricity. The water motor broke or something and it needs to be replaced, but our landlords are in Manila and wont come back until tomorrow.  So just to put this into perspective, try and think up every single thing you use electricity for in one day. Then, think of everything you use water for in one day (Shower, going to the bathroom, cooking, brushing your teeth etc.).  Imagine not being able to do any of those things for 4 or so days. Then,  imagine that you live in the Philippines in the month of April, where it is about 90-100 degrees plus humidity when the sun is out, and it is still 80 degrees plus humidity when the sun goes down and all through out the night while you sleep, oh and lets not forget the concrete house you live in, and also you are on the second floor (heat rises), which seems to trap and keep the heat in pretty well. Also you are a missionary and you bike 10 to 15 miles a day, or you walk 10 to 15 miles a day. Now you cant shower, turn on your electric fan or anything that has to  do with water or electricity, and this is life for 4 to 5 days.  This has been my week haha :)
Also Elder Harrold and Elder Ergiza are both getting transferred. And also there will be no replacements meaning their area is now mine and Elder Roberto's which happens to be all of Lasam which happens to be HUGE!  SO me and my companion are not quite sure how we are going to handle that, because we already struggle getting to everyone in our own area and we are so busy and booked so how on earth are we gonna make time for the people in their area?  Crazy man.  Plus we have been combined with another district so we have to travel every Thursday about an hour there and an hour back which is lame haha. Anyway this new transfer has lots of new complications that we aren't sure how to deal with, and it is gonna be nuts and hard but I am sure we will figure something out.  Lots of things have changed in the mission too, there are new AP's and office Elders and I am the only white person left in this zone so I will be back to speaking a ton of Tagalog haha. 
Which I am totally fine with, it just means I will get that much better at it.
May is coming up which means mothers day which means skype so I am excited for that.  Also we have mission tour in Laoag at the beginning of May so I get to return back to Ilokos,aka civilization, after 4 months, which will be weird haha.  

The work this week has been okay. We had some investigators come to church so we are hoping that will continue. Our two families who are really interested have been super busy because they are rice farmers and the rice farmers and crazy busy right now as I just said because it is summer time and they are harvesting all the crops right now. So we haven't been able to teach them for about 2 weeks which is lame.   We are trying to do lots of finding and oym ( open your mouth) right now so we can have lots of people to chose from just in case the investigators we have don't progress and stuff.  But we kinda have to redo our whole work schedule now because President gave us the other half of 
Lasam so we  have a lot of planning and figuring out to do.  Crazy dude.
So that is this week.  Lots of sweat and not very much bathing. Sleeping has been a nightmare :) But its okay cause I am sure someone else in the world has got it worse than us.  Like maybe the kid in my homeward who just got called to Freetown Africa haha. Shout out to Kamden Rasmussen haha you will do great!

I love you all! Keep praying and stuff. And sent some packages!! I am in serious need of some packages from the people I love,it has been a while! Packages for missionaries are seriously the best thing ever!

-Elder Andersen

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