Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 44...Lasam Philippines

I'm okay y'all

 Hey everyone. So sorry about last week for those of you who got worried about me.  I am fine. Last Monday night I was called by Sister Andrada who sorta chastised me because instead of telling her and president that I was sick first, I told all you guys on email haha. Which led to my dad calling the mission to see if I was okay, yet Sis didn't really know why I wouldn't be okay cause I didn't tell her cuz I was busy sleeping and resting hehe. Sorry about it. Plez fergiv.

But this week was good.  I played basketball on Tuesday morning so obviously I was feeling better. We had a baptism on Friday!! Bro. Angelo Bruce! We are gonna baptize his little bro in two weeks as well.  These two bros are awesome little dudes and they are really hard to teach because they are so shy and quite and you can barely get an answer out of them but we made it to baptism with one! So now we got to work hard on his little bro. Their whole fam is Mormon and their oldest brother is an RM and he is way active and is the Young Mens president so that is good. Their parents are still inactive, They are just nice little bukid farmers that live in a cubo hut and are shy and quiet just like their kids :)  they are awesome and we love them!

On Saturday, our Elders quorum president held his daughter's 18th bday party (which is a huge deal in the Philippines) and they 'killed their pig' so their was lots and lots of food. There is a photo down below of its head :)  Some of the people took knives and sliced off part of the roasted skin on that fat part of it's neck and started munching on that haha.  Then they had this long and boring Filipino 18th bday ceremony where there was something about 18 candles and 18 roses and it took for ever and all I wanted to do was eat the cake but we had to leave cuz we were already there for so long, so I didn't get cake :(

It is starting to cool down here a teeny tiny bit. It is still hot as though. The rainy season is supposed to start some time this month, and if not, in June. So I am really excited for it to cool down and get muddy again.  Yesterday when we were supposed to go to work, there was this super random lighting and rain storm that lasted like 25 minutes. The rain got way loud and heavy and the lighting and thunder was crazy loud and scary but then it was all the sudden sunny again and clear and super super hot.  So weird.  

I get to go to Laoag tomorrow and I am excited for that!  I get to eat out and go to the so called mall that they have and buy stuff and then we have mission tour, where we are being visited by President Ardern who is the Philippines area President. Exciting! Also I get to skype my fam next Monday! SO excited!

That is pretty much it this week.  I am trying to draw closer to my Savior and to Father through having more meaningful prayer. I have been a little casual with praying and stuff and my relationship with God and the Spirit is suffering a bit. The scriptures say to draw near unto God and He shall draw near unto you. So if you want more miracles, more blessings, more love, more Spirit, and more happiness and more God in your life, get on your knees and start talking to Him. Don't just zip through your prayer so you can go to sleep, or eat or study or whatever. Talk to Him. Tell Him what you feel, what you think, what you want, what you need. Then stop sometimes even while in the middle of the prayer and just listen, listen for promptings and for guidance and for feelings. The scriptures tell us that if we pray this way, the Spirit will guide our prayers and we will even pray for the right things.  I know this is true and it works. It is also hard and it takes energy and time, which is why Sometimes I just get lazy about it haha.

Love you all!
-Elder Andersen

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