Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 28...Santo Domingo Philippines


So All this week I was expecting to get transferred, but Saturday came and the APs didn't text us, so I thought I had another transfer and a total of 6 months in Santo Domingo.  I just opened my email, and I'm actually getting transferred to LASAM CAGAYAN!!!!  It's out in the boonies and its like a million hour bus ride away!  It's almost Cauayan mission!  Look on the map.  I'm freaking out right now, especially since I have to go home and pack now.  Geeze, lamo APs didn't text me!  

So yah, now the whole branch will be surprised to know that I'm gone. Seriously I'm freaking out.  

Also I'm sad now to leave Elder Legaspi. I'll miss this guy.  So unexpected seriously.
CRAPPPP. Guys I am trying to send pictures right now, but my computer is being a noob.  I'll probably run out of time before I can send pics, so I'm really sorry. Next week na lang.

Also I can't really organize my thoughts right now because I'm getting transferred actually.  I'm sorta freaking out!

Work was better this week but still sorta slow. We had ZTM and went on exchanges in Cabugao on Thursday, and that was fun.  The APs came to our meeting and then we rode in the pack of the truck all the way to Cabugao, and that was pretty sketchy in all truth, but it was fun and we debated about which super heroes were the best.   We worked and then we went to the general hospital and gave priesthood blessings to these 2 sick members.

Saturday was the day we were supposed to know if we were getting transferred or not and also President Andrada told us that this would be a huge transfer day, so everyone was expecting a transfer.  So after work on Saturday, me and Elder Legaspi bought huge tubs of ice cream to celebrate our companionship, because we were both sure that I was getting transferred.  So I ate half of it. then no transfer news came. SO I was sorta surprised and disappointed. But I was okay with it.

The we went to Vigan after church on Sunday for the Philippines are presidency broadcast by the are presidency for 2016.  And so then the whole zone was talking about transfers and who was leaving and staying and all that. SO yah, the whole zone thinks I'm not transferring haha!

So now I have no time to pack and I'm getting on an 8 hour bus ride tomorrow morning haha,

I'm almost done with Jesus the Christ. It's amazing. I cant put it down.

Elder Andersen

Vigan's streets

Goodbye Leonard

Leaving Santo Domingo...

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