Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 16 Santo Domingo...Philippines


First transfer down here in Santo Domingo. Elder Tejada is going home this week and I will be leading my are in Santo Domingo with my new trainer, Elder Legaspi, whom I will be meeting tomorrow.  

So kinda interesting. We've been under warning since Saturday because of Super Typhoon Lando. It is huge, but I haven't seen it yet hahha. It was supposed to hit yesterday, and then today, but still it's just cloudy and occasional rain.  But yah, kinda scary. So still waiting for the massive typhoon to hit.  

Lots of change in the zone because of transfers.  Lots of new faces in Vigan zone so we'll see what happens.  Yesterday at church the Branch council all cried because Elder Tejada is leaving and also because Sister Paca, a sister missionary whom has been in Santo Domingo for 6 months, is getting transferred. They all cried and thanked the missionaries. It just made me want to keep serving and help build the kingdom of God here in Santo Domingo. We still don't have any solid investigators which is hard, but I'm giving everything to this area and I'm praying my guts out for them.  

Not gonna lie its been a hard 6 weeks for me emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Its been very up and down and this is hard, but I wouldn't be anywhere else. I want to thank every single one of you for your support, your words of encouragement, advice, and love. They have all been heaven sent. Thank you for your prayers.  I know the Lord is with us. 

Sige na ingat until next week! Mahal ko Kayong lahat!

-Elder Andersen

Here is the Baptista family. they are all members, but mostly less active. The boy on the right of me, Roger jr. Baptista, is 18 years old and preparing to serve a mission. He fellowships with us most days out of the week. He is the best. 

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