Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 70...Vintar Philippines

We got back to work this week. The Bagiyo is gone and the sun is out again and its the good old boiling hot Philippines.  We had a good week and next week should be better. We had our Nanay Norma come to church for the first time this Sunday! She wants to be baptized and she is feeling the Spirit alot. She told us that when ever we come to her house she feels something and that it leaves when we leave. We told her that was the gift of the Holy Ghost and that she can have it when she is baptized. The weird thing is that she doesn't want to be baptized until January, because her husband died awhile back and she wants to finish the Filipino tradition of wearing black for a whole year fin remembrance of his death. We are trying to convince her other wise at the moment so we will see what happens. especially since we will be going deep into the significance of baptism and the gospel.  So hopefully she will come through.

President Andrada came to my district meeting and that was awesome. i learned a ton and started applying what we learned immediately and the fruits definitely showed.  He taught us about how to help investigators turn in to progressing investigators, by helping them read pray and come to church, by keeping daily contact with them and nourishing them by the good word of God. He based his trainer on Moroni 6:4, which will turn into progressing investigators.  Its seems to be working so far.

Other stuff that happened this week...I started speaking a ton of English to Filipinos while street contacting haha. Its really fun and the Filipinos are super funny when they try to speak it.  I usually tell them I don't speak Tagalog and I just joke around with them and then surprise them by all the sudden speaking Tagalog and talking about the Restoration haha. Its really fun. Something my St. George homie Elder Jones taught me haha.

One of the investigators we found way back named Niel called me on the phone the other night and was asking me tons of questions about our beliefs. It didn't take long before I figured out that he was drunk because He was trying to speak English even though i was speaking Tagalog (you know they are usually drunk when they try to speak English) and he was having a hard time speaking so he asked me if I understand Ilokano and I said not really but then he started babbling off Ilocano anyway haha.  Yah. The Spirit told me to just not talk to him and catch him another time when he is not drunk, but I kinda ignored it and talked to him for like an hour and turns out he was trying to bible bash me and he kinda made me mad. He kept asking me if Mormons were the true church and I was trying to explain but he just wanted yes or no and i of course said yes, and so he was trying to tell me that it doesn't matter what church you are and all you have to do to be saved is say Jesus is Lord.  I kinda got mad cuz he got hysterical and he hung up on accident and didn't call back. 

But that was all so dumb because I was arguing with a drunk person. I am such a fool lemme tell ya haha.  Morale of the story is, don't argue with drunk people (cuz they are drunk) and follow the promptings of the Spirit.  I am hoping he wont remember anything cuz he was drunk but I hope he will still listen in the future because he actually has a lot of potential. So I may or may not have messed that up because I didn't follow the Spirit and talked to a drunk person for an hour on the phone. LOL. Yah I know i am dumb. XD

But overall it was a good week and hopefully next week will be even better.  We were hoping for a good turn out at church but Only Sister Norma came.  It may be because everyone is leaving and going to the cemeteries to celebrate all saints day which is kinda like Halloween I guess. Everyone just lives at the cemeteries for a couple days and hangs out.  The American Halloween is sorta kinda celebrated by whoever has enough money to celebrate it but mostly everyone just goes to the cemeteries.

Anyways, my email was kinda random this week but I hope y'all enjoy it. Happy Halloween and I love you all!
-Elder Andersen

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