Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 59...Lasam Philippines

We worked and We have a baptism next week!

So as the title says, we worked and we have a baptism next week...haha. Omar Lazaro! He is 18 and is a boss and I will tell you guys about him after his baptism next week! I don't know what else to talk about... On Saturday we had a legendary day and taught 16 lessons and i tied my record for finding in a day with 25 new investigators, so that was pretty awesome. I slept real well that night haha. We are finding some promising investigators in the new area we opened. Some of the branch missionaries gave some referrals to from that area, and we connected them, and one of them seems really promising! Hoping for more progression this coming week. We had 2 new investigators come to church on Sunday so we are excited about that as well!

I learning a lot about myself this week. About my weaknesses, and how I react to certain situations. I am trying to really evaluate myself and try and fix some of my imperfections that I have come to find in myself this past week. 

Transfers is next week and I have been in Lasam since January so we will see what happens haha.

Sorry about another crappy email but at least I have pictures!

I love you all and thanks for the support!

-Elder Andersen

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