Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 57...Lasam Philippines

This week was pretty weird. I had a bad week that started good and ended good but SUCKED in the middle.  Me and Elder Salazar started off real strong and we opened up a new barangay to go finding in. It hasn't been gone to by missionaries much in the past, which is why we decided to go there, because in Centro the missionaries are way to common place and I have street contacted the crap out of them all HAHA.  I have given away a gagillion pamphlets and a bunch of BoMs and gotten in a few debates with the feisty other christian sects of the Philippines.  But anyways we decided to open the new barangay and it has been really promising so far! We started there on Tuesday morning and we asked people if they new any Mormons in the barangay. We find some names to use to go finding while in the mean time street contacting and teaching everyone we came in contact with. We find out that there was this member named Miguel Tuzon who died when he was 86 about 20 years ago. We decided to find his fam even though he was the only Mormon. turns out he had 8 kids and tons of grand kids and tons of great grand kids all living here in the baranagay. On Wednesday I set my record for lessons taught in a day as well as new investigators in one day.  We taught 14 lessons and found 25 new investigators in the space of 4 hours in the morning and taught 4 more lessons to our progressing investigators in the afternoon for a total of 18 lessons and 25 investigators in one day :0  We plan on tracking down all these Tuzons and helping them come to the faith of their father Miguel. Miguel has probs been working his butt off in the spirit world for the last 20 years so his fam can be prepared to hear the Gospel.

So yah are week started out pretty DOPE. But on Thursday I got in a fight with the branch president over the location of our baptism this Saturday HAHA. SO dumb.  Our branch president is kind of a feisty fellow and a lot of members and missionaries have had and still have alot of problems with him. I wont go in to details. We will just say that he is one of the more stubborn people you will meet.  But anyways we got in an argument and rather than talk it out he just said I should take it to the mission president because he will tell me that I am wrong and that I need to learn to respect his authority as the BP.  SO after a day of feeling like absolute crap (because contention is from the devil) I decided to just call him up and apologize and ask for forgiveness.   He had just came from Manila and was way tired and he didn't really feel like talking so he kinda used it as an excuse to not say "its all good." Haha. But I just forgive and forget and pretended like nothing happened but he still acted weird around me this weekend haha.  But that is his problem with the Lord now, cause I feel fine and have no hard feelings  at all. :)

So the middle of the week suck but it ended good cause Sis Eleanor was baptized! She is our branch clerk's little sister! She has been an investigator for about 2 years off and on and she should have been baptized a long time ago when she was 14, but because of the lack of understanding of the rules, they allowed her to be interviewed for her baptism by the branch president (the same branch president) and not the District or zone leader like it is supposed to be. SO yah, the branch prez didn't pass her in the interview...... and ever since then she has struggled coming to church, and ever time it there came a chance for her to be baptized she always got scared to be interviewed and ignored the missionaries. But this time we made sure she was ready and that she would be confident going into the interview, and she got baptized this Saturday!

SO Sunday we had a storm and we couldn't leave the apartment and work cause it was dangerous so that was fun. The power went out because one of the electricity towers blew over from the wind, so it was dark and Elder Sivo told scary stories from when he grew up in Fiji. (Fiji is insane! the superstitions there are nuts!)  SOOOO Good week after all.

I am learning so much and growing up alot here in the mission and I just hit month 13, which is blowing my mind.  I am now starting to really study Ilokano so I can talk to the old people and wow everyone else haha.

My advice for you all this week is to just avoid contention. It sucks. It is better to just be humble and don't think about who is wrong and who is right and just apologize and ask forgiveness, forgive and forget and be happy. Read the Miracle of Forgiveness by President Spencer W Kimball and you will learn what I just learned.

I love you all! I pray for you all!
-Elder Andersen


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