Saturday, August 8, 2015

Week 3 Provo MTC

 This was the longest and shortest week of my life. It's hard work like I said, and learning Tagalog is so hard and teaching in Tagalog is a whole other kind of hard!  Those elders in the pics left for the Philippines on Thursday. They are going to Naga and Legazpi missions. I miss those guys, the 2 white guys were the zone leaders and they were so funny and were a great example to me! The Spirit is so, so strong here. I've never felt the spirit so often in my life. 

 I'm really developing a love for the scriptures. We usually only get an hour a day for set personal study time, AND ITS NOT ENOUGH. I wish I could have like 3 hours of personal study time. I'm finding so many cool and uplifting scriptures and I feel like Nephi! I found my new favorite scripture for the time being- Mosiah 3:19. So powerful. 

President Russel M Nelson spoke to us on Tuesday so that was cool! 

K peace out 
Magandang Umaga!
Magtagumpay po kayo sa pamamagitan ng pananampalataya kay Jesucristo!

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