Saturday, August 29, 2015

Week 6 Provo MTC

So its been an interesting week...

On Sunday, the 23rd we zone leaders met with President Howard and we discussed the how the zone was doing. We Split the branch into two 2 zones because of all the missionaries we have. So all was good except there was one new Elder in the other zone. He had only been in the MTC about 3 days and he had already contacted President Howard that he wanted to go home. Don't know why.
I'll get back to that in a second. 
So for our sacrament meetings, President Howard tells the whole branch what the topic is for speaking during sacrament meeting. Everyone is suppose to prepare a 5 minute talk, and then President Howard calls on one Elder and one Sister after we partake of the sacrament to come and speak on the spot.  So Anyway, that day I sat down before Sacrament meeting and the topic was Obedience: The will of the Father. So I opened up the scriptures and decided what I might share. I had a slight feeling I was going to get called on, but everyone does so it's whatever. 
So Sacrament meeting Started and we sang and partook of the sacrament and all that. The time came for president Howard to announce the speakers. The Elder that gets called on speaks first. So about 30 seconds before he announced the speakers, I looked over the scriptures I was going to share again, and I immediately thought of the Elder who wanted to go home and I thought of what I would say to the missionaries if I got called up. Immediately I felt the Spirit overcome my body, and my body began to heat up and my chest began to pound extremely hard and loud and I no joke could see my shirt thumping. I knew I was going to get called on. I knew it, no doubt. I wasn't scared though. I knew what I would say. President Howard then stood up and said "It really is a privileged and a blessing, to have the opportunity to call the speakers this Sunday by the Spirit, Our first speaker will be Elder and Andersen...." 

Wooooowwww soo weird. I went up and I had the Elder who wanted to leave in mind, I could see him in the congregation. I shared D&C 130: 20-21 which says that there is a law predicated in Heaven and that blessings only come on conditions of obedience. Then I shared John 14:15 and 21, If ye love me keep my commandments.....And those that love me keepeth my commandments. Then I talked about how we should love the Lord more than ourselves, then I challenged everyone to repent and become more deeply converted unto the Lord. I said that there may be some of us here serving a mission because it is expected of us or because it was the social standard or all of our friends are doing it, or because of our parents. I then said that I hope we are here because we love our Savior, more than we love ourselves and if that is not why we are here then it's a good time to start loving the Savior and begin now. Then I read from Alma 34:38, which I read while I was taking the Sacrament, Which talks about taking upon us the name of Christ, and humbling ourselves to the dust and then I talked about how all we need is the Lord, I quoted King Benjamin's dust of the earth scripture, and then I quoted Job, which goes something like " Naked I came into this World, and Naked shall 
I go. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away..." I talked about how we owe everything to the Lord, every breath we take we owe to the Lord, and we should love him more than the things of this earth. I bared my testimony and said amen. 

I know the Spirit told me what to say. 'I don't know if I helped that Elder or not, but he is still here almost a week and a half later. So I am glad he is here.

Also I gave two blessing of comfort on Wednesday. One to my companion and one to another Elder in the district. So cool.

Well I cant wait to get outa here. Plane leaves on Thursday September 3rd, CANNOT WAIT. 

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