Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week 94...Cagayan Philippines

Hey y'all.  Our baptism got postponed to this coming Saturday. Another slow week. Every one has tons of money because they just harvested and sold all their crops, so now everyone is having weddings and parties of all sorts. We have barely taught at all this week and all of our progressing have been pretty busy. We still are planning on a good amount of baptisms for this month of May starting this Saturday so we will keep pushing for those.

Last Monday Elder Cabanus and I were looking for the beach and we found some tennis courts instead! So I borrowed someones racket and I got to hit for the first time in 21 months! It was a dream come true and I wasn't as rusty as I thought I would be. I forgot how much I love tennis haha. I was a little over excited tho because I was playing in rubber shoes and that resulted in the blister shown above...Haha i had trouble walking at work the next day but i still managed. 

On a side note lots of people our watching the NBA playoffs here because the Philippines loves basketball and my team the Jazz just won a game 7 against the Clippers! Man that makes me happy too I forgot how much i love the Jazz haha. That was my child hood!  On the down side though they play the Warriors in round 2 so that's not to fun...

Anyways...Spiritual stuff...Ummm...Hahahah its been a long week mentally. The work is probably at an all time slow for the past 2 weeks because of the cultures of the people in the area we are assigned in.  Seriously 100% of the people we teach are bukid farmers so they are all partying hard right now because the are finishing up the harvest.

I promise that I will work extra harder this week to get all these party people attention so we can teach them the gospel haha.  We should have Le Anne's baptism this Saturday of all goes to plan so that is exciting.

I know the church is true. God lives. His Son Jesus Christ is the Savior of mankind. Agency is real. Its all up to us. What we do on a day to day basis is completely up to us. Jesus Christs Atonement and triumph over sin and death makes it so. We are blessed with agency and the capacity to create our own destinies. If we will choose wisely and follow the Spirit our agency will be enlarged.  The Book is blue. Its all true. Joe Smith is a prophet. So is Tommy Monson. I love you all.
-Elder Andersen

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