Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 55...Lasam Philippines

 More Pigsa's...

This week was supposed to be another super sayan week, but it turned out to be lame, but then actually ended up pretty successful.

I waited for  my new companion on Tuesday for 6 hours in the hot sun.  I already had some brand new little pigsa forming on my thigh and other places where the sun don't shine, but I guess the sitting in the heat for 6 hours really accelerated their growth and swelling and they hurt so flippin bad.  I had about 5 or 6, and one nasty pig one that is perfectly placed on my sit bones making it very painful to sit and lay down.  Me and my new companion Elder Salazar got home around 5:30 pm and then we went right out the door and worked becuz I am a wild man and I love God more than i love resting because of pigsas. Then the next morning we worked for 4 hours in the hot sun and my pigsas kept hurting worse and worse, so when we got home around noon, I told Sister Andrada about my sitch and she told me to go the hospital ASAP and get checked up.  The doctor made me pull my pants down and show her my pigsas hahaha. It was awk. But she said that I am getting pigsas from being out in the heat all day and so she says that I shouldn't to missionary work  during the day time and should stay in side all day because my body cant handle it apparently. HAHA that definitely wont happen. But anyways, I had to by these heavy antibiotics and some pain killers. Afterward I called Sister Andrada and she said that I should rest until they are healed but also to use my own judgment about when to go out and work because I know my body better than she does.  So I decided to rest a lot this week and work when the Sun goes down to allow my stuff to heal.

SOOOO the work was not the best this week for obvious reasons. And since I have been resting so much, I am kinda thrown out of my wild man missionary mode and fear and laziness are creeping back in, so this week I am gonna have to get into crazy wild man mode again and FEED THE LORD'S SHEEP.

But this week still turned out to be a success thanks to God and God alone. We had district conference this week, and it is a 2 hour drive from Lasam and the fare is expensive, so we weren't expecting a lot of investigators to be able to come, but we were surprised to see 8 investigators at the district conference and 3 of them have never even met with us yet and came because they were invited by members and other investigators! SO nuts. The talks were great and President Andrada totally killed it and the Spirit was strong so I was glad that my investigators go to here him speak. 

My pigsas are healing and they don't hurt so I think I am good to go now for this week. I am taking the medicine and drinking my super juice every morning to boost up my immune system so I don't get any more cursed pigsas. Seriously I am turning into Job.

My new companion is Elder Salazar, anotha filipino. He is older than me in the mission by 3 months, but is younger than me in years and I am still the senior companion.  He has a lot of love for the work and for the people and for me....maybe a little too much love for me, but I pray the Lord will help us to a mighty work here in the next 5 weeks. Elder Salazar is a good teacher and can carry his own weight and do his own part in the work so I am gonna have to re-adjust so we can be a unified companionship, which is a very good thing!

Right now I am reading the Miracle of Forgiveness by Prez Kimball and it rocks.

What else? Idk. I love you all!  I here America is going bananas right now with Donald vs Hillary and crazy protestors and all sorts of scary stuff so y'all please be careful!  The Lord is always in control no matter how crazy the world gets!

-Elder Andersen

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