Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 54...Lasam Philippines

Hello friends. I will be another 6 weeks in Lasam HAHAHA. Which will add up to 7 and 1/2 months total. HAHAHA.That is more than a quarter of my mission, HAHAHA. Elder Roberto is transferring before me, HAHAHA.  

It rained and I slid down the hill on my puwit (on accident)

But this week was really good cuz we had 9 Investigators at church!!! FINDING WORKS! All you other missionaries should give it a try haha.  I am kinda annoyed I am still in Lasam but happy at the same time cuz our work is exploding and I am crazy stressed and tons of people are interested and tons of people want to be baptized and its crazy. I think that is why President hasn't transferred me yet, so I can keep doing what I am doing. My area is the top finder and also has the most baptismal dates.  All you other missionaries JUST FIND. IF YOU GET REJECTED SO WHAT. This transfer or in the last 6 weeks, I have found 199 investigators total, and we only have 20 baptismal dates. Not everyone will accept the message. Find and filter. Walk down a street and CRY REPENTANCE TO YOUR AREA! PRETEND LIKE YOU ARE ENOCH! Enoch was such a ferocious missionary that the people in his area called him " A wild man," and "all men were offended by him." 

32 And the Lord said unto Enoch: Go forth and do as have commanded thee, and no man shalpierce thee. Open thy mouth, and it shall be filled, and I will give thee utterance, for all flesh is in my hands, and will do as seemeth me good.
 33 Say unto this people: Choose ye this dayto serve theLord God who made you.
 34 Behold my Spirit is upon you, wherefore all thy words will justify; and the mountains shall flee before you, and the rivers shall turn from theicourse; and thou shalt abide in me, and in you; thereforwalk with me.
37 And it came to pass that Enoch went forth in the land,among the people, standing upon the hills and the highplaces, and cried with loud voice, testifying against their works; and all men were   offended because of him.
 38 And they came forth to heahim, upon the high places,saying unto the tent-keepersTarry ye here and keep the tentswhile we go yonder to behold the seer, for he prophesieth,  and there is strange thing in the land; wildman hath come among us.
 39 And it came to pass when they heard him, no man laid hands on him; for fear came on althem that heard him;for he walked with God.
I promise you will have success if you LOVE GOD more than you fear men, and open your mouth and invite all to come unto Christ. FEAR NO MAN. That is what Enoch did and he got a whole entire city translated and taken to Heaven because of it. The Lord will put words in your mouth like He has for me. I carry around a Book of Mormon while finding and I just open it up and read any verse that pops into my head while I talk to people. I talked to a newly wed girl that was sitting on a curb the other day and she told us that her first child died after birth last month. She is Catholic so of course they have their beliefs about baptism. I asked her if she wanted to know what happened to her child even though she wasn't baptized and she said yes, so I opened right up to Moroni chapter 8 which talks about how children are alive in Christ and go straight to Heaven. I watched tears come to her eyes and she said we could definitely come back and teach more to her and her husband. That is all it takes. Just walk up to people without even knowing what to say, with a blank mind. Say hi and introduce yourself, and have faith that the Spirit will put words in your mouth as you open it. Get to know them and listen to them and just wait and see what the Lord gives you to say. If you have faith that He will fill your mouth, He will. I experience it everyday.
But anyways this was a good week, and we had 3 baptisms in Lasam. It was awesome and the water was super warm even though it was raining. It was super muddy and we had to walk way far to get to the river, so everyone including me fell and got all muddy haha. Our investigator who I baptized is Sister Roselyn Latawan, she is 11 years old and from a part member family. She was so happy and she couldn't stop smiling after she got baptized and even on Sunday when she got confirmed.
Tomorrow i will meet my new companion so we will see how that goes. I hope he is ready to work until he can't stand because that is what I will be doing and NO ONE will stop me. I fear no men, including other missionaries haha.
SO I am having some serious technical difficulties right now and my computer just wiped 1200 pictures from the entire first year of my mission from my camera card. :,( Plus my camera is broken. I bought a flash drive and copied pictures from Elder Sivo so I could show you guys the pics. I guess it is just the one year mark thing. Brand new year, brand new missionary, brand new everything, starting from scratch haha. LAME!
I love you all!
-Elder Andersen

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