Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 52...Lasam Philippines

This week we kept steam with the pagsasuper-sayan or the kasuper-sayanan or in english, super-sayanness? Except my comp kinda has been fighting me a little bit cause he is still scared of men, BUT I AM NOT! I FEAR NO MAN! So I am not the chillax/friends with everybody missionary anymore that I used to be..Or whatever. Now I am the missionary that is on the Lord's errand that only has 1 year left to go and that DOESN'T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS ABOUT ME because the only opinion that matters is the Lord's. Now don't be so quick to judge me as the self righteous/arrogant/stubborn missionary that it sounds like I have become. I am still way imperfect and I even slept in past 6:30 twice this week. I am not claiming to be perfect or anything but, I really am trying my best to Love the Lord and feed His sheep. 

At the zone conference in Laoag, one of the missionaries gave his going home testimony and talked about hypocrisy. You can fail and fall on your face 1 million times and get back up on your feet a million more and you are still not a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is willfully going against the Lord and His anointed, and the laws and commandments that you have agreed to abide after having hands laid on your head and after you put that name tag on. That is hypocrisy.  

So this week I am starting to sense a bit of resentment from my comp and our fellowshippers because I think they feel uncomfortable, but that is their problem. I can't make my companion Love the Lord and fear no man and follow the rules. That is between him and the Lord. I am doing everything I can to make me and myself right with the Lord and that is all I have control of.

We found a ton more investigators and we have 5 new baptismal dates, but they weren't able to come to church :(  I plan on giving a lot more baptismal invitations this week so I  hope and pray that these people will feel the Spirit of the Lord and decide to serve the God who created them.

What else happened this week? OH YEAH! I got a pigsa. I think in English, that means boil, but yah I am not sure. But a pigsa is a huge nasty and painful zit and it sucks so so so so bad haha. I got it on the side of my buttocks. I last Monday, and it was just a small itchy bug bite looking thing. But over the next few days it grew and turned into a nipple! Seriously it looked like I had a big old nipple on the side of my bum. HAHA. It hurt so bad. It hurt to walk and to sleep and to sit but I still went super sayan cuz I love the Lord more than my pigsa. But yah, the nipple turned out to be a zit and finally on Friday it was ready to be popped.  I went in the bathroom and squeezed all the crap out of it and there was tons of blood and goop it was nasty. After everything was out, there was the huge gaping hole and it was pretty narly bruh.  But to my fam who tend to be rather paranoid, please do not bother the mission president or his wife because it is completely under control and I have notified them and I have medicine so please calm yo selfz.  Apparently pigsas come when the weather is changing from hot to cool interchangeable and rapidly and that is what is happening here in Lasam right now and it sucks.  Lots of other people are getting them too.  

I have a picture of the pigsa and also some others but I am having problems with my camera again so sorry about it. no pics this week. Plus the pigsa is pretty much on my bum so I probs wont sent it to all of you haha. I love you all! Love the Lord!

Elder Andersen

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