Friday, July 24, 2015

Gabe's Farewell...

Gabe's farewell was Sunday July 19, 2015. Family and friends came from near and far to hear him speak. He did such a good job. It had all the elements of a good talk! Humor, Love, Humility, and a good strong Testimony. He had us all laughing and crying.

It was beautiful.

Loved hanging out at the house after with all of our family and friends eating tons of good food.

Gabe's friends...Shane, Joey, and Logan (who is hidden behind Joey.) Shane is going to South Africa, Logan is going to Russia, and Joey is going to the Marshall Islands on their missions. All are leaving in the next month or so. It's so awesome to see all of these valiant young men get ready to go and serve the Lord.  William is also on the couch with that awesome hair! He'll be going in a couple of years somewhere cool.

 Gabe, Jack, Mathis, Hartman and Grandma Kathy (like mother like son ) hehe!

Uncle Shelb had a long week at scout camp then drove 11 hours to be here for Gabe, so we let him sleep and sleep and sleeeeeeep.

Grandpa Craig and Gabe

Uncle Mathis and Gabe

Hart, Grandma Kathy and Gabe

 Ethan, Branden Campbell, and Gabe.   (Yep from Neon Trees) We love him

 and we Love the awesome Campbell family.

There are more pics, I just need to find them. Stay tuned!

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