Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 99...Cagayan Philippines

I threw up...

Hey Everyone. It's been an eventful few weeks. We have had a lot of baptisms and other activities as of late. We just got bag from Laoag yesterday for MLC and exchanges with the APs.  

I threw up last night on the 6 hour bus ride haha ALL OVER THE FLOOR because I was dumb and thought I could fight it off but I couldn't haha and the bus drivers were super mad at me. After it was cleaned up they gave me plastic bags and I threw up 2 more times but nothing was coming out. It was the worst. It was all because I ate these Donuts that were probably not fresh right before we got on the bus. Surprisingly though that was the first time in my whole mission that I have ever thrown up, and it wasn't even because of like stomach bugs and parasites that everyone that serves here gets.

The pictures you see above were from this last Saturday. Our Investigator Levina Gabatanga got baptized! She is awesome! We wanted to baptize her last week, but her mom was on her 1 month break from Singapore and they were super busy. Plus Levina's older brother was trying talk her out of getting baptized because he wanted her to get baptized in his the families original church. But she didn't care and she knows its true and so she wanted to get baptized anyway haha.  So we baptized her in the Cagayan river because the churches water pump over heated (because its really hot outside) and so we had to improvise last minute and do it in the river.  

Also last week we baptized the Reconoce couple! They are in last weeks pictures. Nestor has had a huge struggle with overcoming his alcohol and tobacco addiction but he finally was able to get it under control and so they finally got baptized last week!

While we were in Laoag the last few days I found out that Rodolfo Asuncion from La Paz is getting baptized this coming Saturday, who is the investigator that Elder Costales and I found through street contacting and we taught him the first 3 lessons and then I transferred. I was so happy when I heard that because he is a golden investigator. He told us he wanted to be baptized after the first time we taught him! He would have been baptized while I was in Laoag but he couldn't because he would drive to manila every Sunday for work. He finally switched his schedule around so he could come ti church! He also had a drinking problem and we talked to him while he was drunk a couple of times haha and he is super funny when he is drunk. But ya I'm so happy that he is getting baptized! President Andrada has met him and was talking about him in our MLC about how golden he was! This is really cool milestone fro me too because He is the 40th person I have taught that has been baptized in my mission! I cant believe God has allowed me to be a part of 40 peoples baptisms! To me that is a miracle and is another comforter that my 2 years has been well worth the sacrifice!

Elder Cabanus is going home this week!  So crazy! Then me in 6 weeks...I'm excited not gonna lie at all haha.

Well that's all i got this week. Have fun and remember to pray always! That is something I have been working on lately, praying more frequently especial prayers in the heart through out the day. I'll talk to you guys again next week.
-Elder Andersen


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