Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 88...Laoag Philippines

Hey friends!  I'm transferring! I have received a special assignment from President Andrada to be a "Senior Zone Leader" in Cagayan.  There are three provinces in the Laoag Mission, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, and Cagayan.  Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur are relatively close to the mission head quarters but Cagayan is super far away and it is hard for the Mission President and the Assistants to handle.  Last year President called 2 additional Assistants in order to handle Cagayan but the area found out and told President that he can't have 4 Assistants, so he had to keep it at 2.  I talked with president this morning about my new calling and he told me that I am exactly what the old Cagayan Assistants were, only the name is "Senior Zone Leader" haha.  The Laoag mission has 8 zones, but 5 of them are in the Ilocos Norte and Sur provinces. Me and my new companion are in charge of the 3 zones in Cagayan because they are so far from mission head quarters and they are so geographically spread out.  So I am super excited! This is a great opportunity for me and a chance to keep stretching myself and a chance to serve the other missionaries. 

So basically I am an AP now, but minus getting to drive the cars and the office work and math and orientating the incoming missionaries haha. Which is nice because I don't want to do any of that (except driving a car).  

It's sad though to leave Laoag, especially since we have about 8 baptisms coming up for the month of April, but it's okay because I know Elder Costales can and will take care of them and see them through. Ill miss my RCs and the soon to be RCs for sure! But on the bright side I get to go back to the Boondocks in Cagayan and loose my fats and probably get some more weird sicknesses and ride on the top of Jeepnees and stuff! I'm so stoked. I couldn't ask for a better way to finish my last 4 months out here! I got 4 months left to dunk'em for the rest of my life as a full time missionary so here goes nothin!

Here are some pics from the beach when I went on exchanges with this super cool guy named Elder Mortenson. Shout out to Elder Mortenson for the cool pics with his super nice hipster camera.


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