Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 37...Lasam Philippines

It's really hot and we get punted a lot...

Thisss weeeek. So  last pday, we were in Aparri. My MTC companion, Elder Langeveld, is training a Filipino haha. Sucker.  Also one of my batch mates from New Zealand, Elder Uele is training this Huge American guy from Houston Texas, who's name is Elder Hair. I only talk to Elder Hair for like 15 seconds and I was already laughing so hard. He was like, (Super deep Texas accent) " I'm Elder Hair, or Elder Buhok in Tagalog, I'm from Houston Texas. I know they make'em big...." HAHaH i laughed so hard I can't wait to get to know him more.

So it is really really hot right now in Lasam. I hate it. Even at night time it is ridiculously hot. And even if it is cloud cover, it is still really really really hot.  We also are getting punted a lot this week. We also haven't got a chance to revisit either of the families we found last week. That is usually how it goes though.  The very first appointment is always awesome and super exciting and you give them a book of Mormon and commit them to read and ask God if it is true and you get so excited because they say they will and its all uphill now they are just gonna get baptized easy peezy, right? Nah, the 2nd time and third time you see them, they hide, and they all the sudden stop watching there TV and they have somewhere to go now, or they act really uninterested or whatever. Most the time, in my experience with new investigators, the 2nd lesson rarely happens.  It is sad and frustrating and annoying and makes it hard to keep having faith to find.  It happened in my last area. There was one week where me and Elder Legaspi found 26 new investigators in one week. Guess how many let us in a 2nd time.... zero.  After that we got sorta down and didn't want to find as much.....But that is what Satan wants.  So I am not gonna make the same mistake I did in my last area and we are gonna KEEP LOOKING like good missionaries should.

On Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Harrold. I went to his area, Lasam B (which was my area last transfer ).

This week wasn't the best for me cause I some how got water in my left ear while showering early in the week. IDK how, but it got way deep and wont come out and it hurts a lot.  I couldn't get a good nights sleep for 3 nights straight, so that made the work hard. I am grateful for my companion, Elder Roberto because he sorta took the reigns this week and led the work, cause he new I wasn't having a good week haha.  Also our zone is way un-unified and stuff because our Zone leader and Sister leaders can't agree on anything and bicker at each other during ZTM on Thursday. So that is lame. Our zone is way KAWAWA.

Also...WE HAVE ANOTHER BAPTISM COMING THIS SATURDAY. She is Sister Joymarie, and she married a member. They have a brand new baby too. She is way awesome and shes way smart and nice and she understands and accepts everything we teach so easily. So we are excited for her. But she is our only progressing investigator right now so we have so many people to find. I have been praying alot that the Spirit will guide us to prepared people that will accept the message and be able to come to church as well.

ALSO... I just decided 2 days ago that I am gonna start learning Ilokano. Elder Ergiza is fluent so he will help me.

Mabalin kami agbinglay ti sao ni apo kanyiam?  

SO all those pictures are from this cool place called Sicaloa. We went with a bunch of the YSA and the branch pres. pretty fun.   

I read almost the whole book of Mosiah on Friday. Pretty ill. The Book of Mormon makes me miss America :(

That's this week. I love you all.

-Elder Andersen
SICALOA... we partied hard

 This Elder from St george. Elder Jones. Super duper amboy. He doesn't eat rice and bought a barbeque and has tons of guns at home daw and he works out a ton and he is pretty chill


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